“Living with bipolar when it’s managed properly is just living.”

T-Kea, Karen, and Chris share their journeys with bipolar I and how they’ve evolved throughout the process. Hear how therapy, self-care, and even music have played a role in their bipolar stories to get from Here to There.


Music for the Journey

AbbVie supports advocacy organizations, like Sound Mind, for the bipolar I community. Sound Mind brings together musicians, music lovers, and organizations to reduce stigma and raise awareness of mental health resources.

Explore this soundtrack, made up exclusively of Sound Mind supporters, and designed to inspire you on the journey from Here to There.

From where you are to where you could be

Here to There is all about overcoming the obstacles that can get in the way of managing your bipolar I disorder. That means taking an active role by working with your doctor and figuring out a plan to reach your goals. Finding that plan might take time, but it can be an important next step on your bipolar I journey. For some, it’s a combination of medication, talk therapy, support groups, and improving health and wellness. Take the next step in learning what your options may be.


“Music, for me, has always helped me communicate with the world.”

Bipolar I is different for everyone. Chris Bullard found his way from here to there through the music community. See how Chris was inspired to create Sound Mind and how others use music to manage their bipolar I.


Learn more about living with bipolar I disorder

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